Which KPIs does Userlike Analytics offer?

Userlike Analytics is a powerful tool to make sure your business benefits 100% from implementing Userlike. This way, you are able to keep an eye on the performance of your chat service. Use our extensive statistical set to monitor your service and work more effectively.

Userlike Analytics KPI include:

  • Number of Chats
  • Proactive Chats Offered
  • Offline Messages
  • Total Chat Connections
  • Proactive Chat Connections
  • Average Chat Duration
  • Total Chat Messages
  • Outbound Chat Messages
  • Inbound Chat Messages
  • First Response Time
  • Response Time
  • Unanswered Chats
  • Satisfaction Rating
  • Feedback
  • Chat Panel Availability
  • Widget Status Timelines
  • Operator Status Timelines
  • Operators Online Percentage
  • Operators Away Percentage
  • Average Chat Utilization
  • Peak Chat Utilization
  • Goals reached
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Missed Opportunities Proactive
  • Chat Topics
  • Offline Message Topics
  • Pre-Chat Survey Results
  • Post-Chat Survey Results
  • Offline Messages
  • Unique visits
  • Browsers
  • Countries
  • Webvisitors with name
  • Webvisitors with email

For more information about Userlike Analytics take a look at our introduction to Analytics.

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