How can I make sure that no chat is ever lost?

You have the option to enable several notifications in order to ensure you are informed immediately when a chat or an event is started. This way, you can prevent losing a chat or certain information. 

1. You decide which notifications are relevant for you. Take control of these settings and make sure to activate your preferred sound and push notifications. Go to "Settings" in your Chat Panel:

Now select all events you want to receive notifications for:

2. You have to allow notifications in your browser. You can check this via the lock icon right next to the URL:

3. You’ll also have to enable browser notifications within your Widget’s configuration. Please look in your Widget Editor under “Notifications” if you have checked “Browser Notifications”:

4. Last but not least check your Operator Profile menu. The “Mute” switch needs to be OFF. You can access this menu in the upper right corner by clicking on your Profile picture:


You can temporarily disable all notifications and sounds by simply switching "Mute" to ON

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