Does Userlike use cookies and if yes, what for?

To ensure the functionality of our software, we save a cookie about the application status in the end-user's browser. This cookie is technically essential and will populate data only when the chat is being used. Before that its only function is to offer the chat service. This cookie is on your domain and can't be used by Userlike to track your visitors in any way. 


You can adapt the cookie's expiry time. You can find this setting in your widget editor via the tab Chat > Advanced. This tells your contact's browser when to delete Userlike cookies.

The Userlike Messenger creates a cookie:


You will find your Organization ID in your Dashboard under Account > Organizations. Select the organization and you will see the ID at the end of your URL. 

In addition to the technical details of the widget status and messenger status, the cookie contains IDs of existing contacts so they can be recognized when visiting again. Below is a complete list of information:

uuid: unique user id of the contact,
token: auth token of the contact,
blocked: flag that controls the blocked state of a contact,
client_name: name of the contact if set,
client_email: email of the contact if set

We also use a LocalStorage variable of the same name, it contains the same technical information, and additionally the number of page impressions and page visits.

loglevel:userlike: log level for the application
page_impressions: number of page impressions,
visits: number of visits,
restoreableViewState: Userlike Messenger's last state that is restorable (e.g. when navigating on the website),
lastInteraction: unix timestamp of last interaction,
lastProactiveInteraction: unix timestamp of last proactive interaction (e.g. proactive bubble clicked, proactive message sent),
isBubbleClosed: flag that is set when user closes bubble by pressing the "X"-Icon on the top right,
last_impression: unix timestamp of last page impression
New: In addition we use a  LocalStorage variable of the name: 

chakra-ui-color-mode: value either light or dark; depending on color scheme


In case you don't consider our cookies as technically essential we advise you to load the Userlike JavaScript code after your user has agreed to your cookie policy. This can be implemented in your Cookie Manager.

Some Website systems, like  Borlabs Cookie offer Cookie Manager plugins that allow you to include JavaScript codes, these will only load after the cookies were accepted by your user. Borlabs Cookie offers a template for Userlike so you can add our service easily.

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