Can I test Userlike for free?

We offer a 14-day trial with full functionality, including Customer Support. The trial allows you to test all of the functionalities of the Userlike Team plan. Once the 14 day trial is expired, your account will be switched to the Userlike Free plan automatically. 

Our free product is limited in that it includes only one Widget and one Operator with one chat slot. This means that you'll only be able to chat with one web visitor at a time. We also don't offer email notifications or addons, and you can only see the last 5 chats and offline messages received within the Userlike Dashboard. To access these features you'll need to upgrade to one of our premium products.

We do offer the possibility to extend your trial. Simply leave us a review at:

After leaving your review, it would be best if you let us know. After hearing from you, we'll gladly extend your Userlike trial by 28 days.

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