How can I reactivate my Userlike subscription?

If you have an active subscription and your chosen payment method was declined, our system will automatically lock the account.

In order to activate your account again, you'll have to reactivate your subscription.

Depending on your chosen payment option, proceed as follows:

1. If you pay via bank transfer or PayPal, you'll have to manually pay your invoice and inform us via chat or email (

2. If you're paying with your credit card, you'll have to update your credit card information (if needed) and reactivate your subscription yourself.

First log in to your Dashboard and select Product from the left menu.

Under Billing you can change your billing information, including your credit card details.

Under Invoices you can see and download your past invoices.

Under Subscription you can look into your subscription details and reactivate your account

First, click on Subscription.

In the bottom left corner you'll see the Reactivate button.

After selecting this option, we'll attempt to apply any updated payment details and charge your card.

If successful, you'll receive a notification confirming the reactivation of your subscription.

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