Why are there different API Tokens?

You can find two different kinds of API Tokens in your Userlike Dashboard:

Company API Token Organization API Token

Your company API token is effective for all your organizations. You will find it in your Dashboard under Account > API Settings. It allows access to the data of all of your organizations. You have the option of creating several organizations in addition to the standard organization and managing them separately with our Flex plan. With the company API token you can access the data of all your organizations or only selected ones if you want to filter them using parameters.


If you are working within a multiple organizations structure, you can use either the company API Token or the organization API Token.

Your organization API token is effective for one specific organization, and can be found in your Dashboard under Chat tools > API Settings. You need to have the organization active in your Dashboard in order to receive the corresponding API token.


You can switch between organizations in the dropdown list available by clicking on your operator profile in the top right corner of the Userlike Dashboard. The option is available to account owners and operators with appropriate permissions only.

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