How can I reply to Offline Messages?

When all of your Operators are offline you can offer an Offline Form to your Webvisitors so they can leave you a message and their contact details.

Activate the Offline Form in your Widget Editor and head to the tab "Chat" >"Behavior". Here you have to choose "Show offline message form":

You can access, view, and forward the Offline Messages in your Userlike Dashboard. Go to "Messages" >"Offline Messages": 

To respond to your Webvisitors Offline Messages you need to send them to an email inbox. You have two options to set this up:

  • Enable Email Notifications for Offline Messages in your Operator profile. This way they will be send to the Operator's email address.
  • Enable one of our Add-ons to forward Offline Messages to your CRM, ticket system, or a designated email address


Email Notifications and Add-ons are not available in our Free Version. Here you can only see the last 5 Offline Messages within your Userlike Dashboard

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