How do I send a Chat Transcript to an email address?

There are three ways to forward Chat Transcripts per email.

1. During a running live chat session, you can use the "$dispatch" command to send the Transcript of the conversation so far to any email address. Just enter the email address of your choice:

2.To receive a transcript of each agent's live chat session at your Operator email address, go to your "Profile Settings," click "Notifications" and check “Chats":

3. You can also use our EmailTicket Add-on or connect your CRM to one of our corresponding Add-ons. With the EmailTicket Add-on, you can receive transcripts and notifications at one or more email addresses of your choice. You can also manually trigger the EmailTicket Add-on from the Chat Panel or the Messages section of the Dashboard to transfer a transcript to the address(es) defined in the EmailTicket configuration:


These Chat Transcripts include all user information and notes you might have added during the live chat

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