How do I proactively invite my Webvisitors to chat?

You can automatically invite your Webvisitors for a chat conversation using the proactive chat mode.

You can enable by going to the Widget Overview. Select your Widget to enter its Widget Editor and click "Chat" > "Behavior”. Here you select “Proactive" as your approach mode. 

With the “Proactive Timeout” you define after how much time on your web page the chat will proactively open. We recommend setting it to roughly one standard deviation above the average time that your Webvisitors spend on your web pages. But it depends a lot on how ‘proactive’ it makes sense for you to be. 

When Webvisitors respond to your automatic invitation, you will receive the chat in your Chat Panel. You can then answer their chat message and successfully help them with their inquires:

In the "Proactive and Registration" approach mode, the proactive chat invitation will be triggered after your defined timeout, the same as in the normal Proactive mode. When it's the Webvisitor who initiates the chat by clicking on the chat button, however, the registration form will show up instead.

For developers

You can also enable the "proactive" mode by using our Remote API. This option allows for complete control over the chat approach for individual webpages.

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