How can I integrate Userlike with Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager allows you to integrate the Userlike chat in a flexible way by using tags and triggers.

1. Start by creating a Tag Manager Container for your website. Install your Tag Manager Javascript code on your website. Please refer to Google's documentation how to install the code.

2. Create a new Tag with the Tag Type " Custom HTML":

3. Give it a name and paste your Userlike Widget Code in the field "HTML". Make sure to check the option " Support document.write":

4. Add a Trigger to your Tag. For example, we chose the type " Page View" because we want our Widget to load when a certain page on our website is being viewed:

5. Configure the Trigger to your requirements. In our example, we want our Widget to load only on pages that start with the URL "":

6. Don't forget to submit and "Publish" your setup. Now you are ready to use Userlike:

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