Why does the operator name change after the webvisitor sends a message?

If you are wondering why the Operator name in the header of the chat window doesn't always match the one in the automated welcome message, here's why:

You are running your Widget in "Passive connect". The time it takes your Webvisitor between opening the chat window and sending a message can cause a change in regard to the chat routing rules.

"Passive Connect" mode is useful when you want to establish a chat connection only when your Webvisitor sends you a message. In contrast, when you don't enable "Passive Connect" the chat will connect once your Webvisitor opens the Widget, whether or not they send a message your way or just close the window without a word.

So in "Passive Connect" mode, your Webvisitor will first see the name of the Operator currently assigned to that chat in your Welcome Message. If a Webvisitor is writing a message but the assigned Operator receives another incoming chat in the meantime, this could result in a change of Chat Slot numbers that makes the system favor an Operator with more free chat slots instead. When your Webvisitor finally sends the message, the chat will then be routed to the Operator with more free Slots at that moment. The chat window header will refresh accordingly, but the automated welcome message won't.


You have two options to avoid this from happening:

1. Disable "Passive connect" in your Widget Editor, or 
2. Change the text in the welcome message by removing the Operator name placeholder {{name}}

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