How can I add a Chat Macro with several translations?

1. Add a new macro in your Chat Macros overview:

2. On the next screen you can give your macro a name and enter your text. If you'd like, you can also map a keyboard shortcut and assign it to a Macro Group. After you click "Create Macro" you will be redirected to your Chat Macro overview:

3. To assign a language to your newly created macro, please click on its name to edit it. First, select the language for your first chat macro text, then click "Set translation." To save your changes, click "Update Macro."

4. You can also add new translations if you work with widgets in several languages. This allows you to use one macro for several translations. The macro will always show the correct translation in the chat according to the language you assigned to your widget.

Widget editor:


Here's a general tutorial for setting up chat macros:

For information about how to import several macros at once, check out our section called Configuration "Chat Macros":

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