Unified Messaging Migration for our Free Account Holders

1.What is Unified Messaging?

  • Unified Messaging is the new Userlike product that we've been working on for the past two years. The biggest change compared to our old product is that Unified Messaging is based on messaging, whereas the old product is based on live chat. This makes it easier for smaller teams to offer website support, and it makes it possible to expand your support to messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or SMS. For bigger teams, support via the WhatsApp channel is possible. For a quick introduction into Unified Messaging, check out this video: https://youtu.be/Cl_6lE1otVA

2. What will happen during and after the migration? 

  • During the migration, the live chat widget that you have running on your website will be automatically replaced with the Unified Messaging widget.
  • After the migration, you won't be able to access the Chat Panel anymore. However, you'll still be able to access your chat transcripts and offline messages in the Live Chat Dashboard. These will remain available to you in case you need to follow up on customer conversations. Instead of the Chat Panel, please access the Message Center.
  • Chat Macros and Chat Topics won't be migrated. If you created Chat Macros and Chat Topics it will be necessary to recreate them in your Unified Messaging Configuration

3. I'm already using Unified Messaging. Will I still be affected?

  • No worries, the migration won't impact you.

4. When will my Free Userlike account be migrated to Unified Messaging?

  • If you have a free Userlike account, the migration is planned for the 7th of August 2020, at around 8PM CEST. You can check or subscribe to our status page. The scheduled release will be announced 5 days prior to the migration: https://status.userlike.com/
  • Paid Userlike plans won’t be migrated for the foreseeable future. You can, however, do the migration yourself by replacing the widget code. Or just head over to the Unified Messaging section in your Dashboard and have a look around.

5. Is there something I should prepare before the migration?

  • You can adjust the look, behavior and individual text in your Unified Messaging widget to reflect the appearance you want to have.
  • Additionally, Chat Macros and Chat Topics won't be migrated. If you created Chat Macros and Chat Topics you'll have to recreate them in your Unified Messaging Configuration

6. Will my Userlike account still be free after the migration?

  • Yes, of course!

7. Will I lose functionality with Unified Messaging?

  • No. In fact, you will get a lot of new features that weren't available in our old product. And the limitation on the number of offline messages and chat transcripts will also be removed. 

8. I am on a paid Userlike plan. Will my account be migrated to Unified Messaging as well?

  • If you have a paid Userlike subscription, your account won’t be migrated to Unified Messaging for the foreseeable future. You can, however, make the switch yourself. You'll need to replace your current Live-Chat widget code on your website with the Unified Messaging widget code. To do this, go to the Unified Messaging section in your Dashboard, then "Config" >"Widgets". Finally, select the widget you want to integrate and head to the tab "Install" >"JavaScript Widget Code". Visit our tutorials for more details: https://www.userlike.com/en/public/tutorial/um/website
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