Migration from Live Chat to Unified Messaging

As you may have heard already, we will deactivate our old Live Chat product soon. All Team and Corporate users will be migrated to our new version "Unified Messaging" (UM) from July 31st, 2021. However, you can already migrate manually at any time before the end of July. If you are using our Business or Flex plan, you can also follow the steps below to migrate to Unified Messaging now.

If you would like to migrate and benefit from the many new features immediately, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Create/Edit Widget. You will find your UM widget under Unified Messaging - Channels - Website widgets. Click on it and customize it according to your needs. If your current plan allows it, you can also create completely new widgets via "Add Widget".
    • Wondering what an inbound URL is? You can find an explanation here.
  2. Integrate Javascript Code. In the widget you created in Step 1, go to Install > Javascript Widget Code to find the integration code for your new widget. On your website, replace the code of the old Live Chat widget with the code of the new UM widget.

Done! You are live with UM. Your operators will no longer receive their chats in the old Chat Panel, but in the new Message Center. For an introduction to the Message Center, click here.

Optional steps

Whether the following steps are necessary during migration depends on your personal way of working in Userlike. If you have not used any of the features below so far, it is not necessary to migrate them to the new version.

  1. Chat macros. Chat macros are canned responses, i.e. answers to frequently asked questions. You can import your chat macros from the old version into the new version. You start under Live Chat - Config - Chat Macros and click on "Export Macros" in the upper right corner. You will get a CSV file. You then import this file under Unified Messaging - Chat tools - Chat macros
    • You received an error message? Each macro has a keyboard shortcut and a name. Keyboard shortcuts and names may only exist once. In Unified Messaging, three sample macros are already available. If the name or the keyboard shortcut of these three macros overlaps with a macro from your CSV file, the CSV file cannot be imported. So if you get an error message, please adjust the keyboard shortcuts of the already existing three Unified Messaging macros.
  2. Add-ons. Under Live Chat - Config - Add-on settings, you can see if add-ons are active. If you use add-ons, activate them again under Unified Messaging - Add-ons.
  3. Chat topics. Do you use chat topics? You can check this under Live Chat - Config - Chat topics. If you have created topics, you can add them again under Unified Messaging - Chat tools - Chat topics

Information about the end of Live Chat

Once UM is our only product, the Live Chat tab will no longer be visible in your Userlike Dashboard. If you want to keep any data from the Live Chat version (e.g. chat transcripts, offline messages or Analytics data), we recommend downloading this data before the end of Live Chat.

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