Why is only one Operator receiving chats?

Make sure you are in the correct Operator Group, so you are shown online. If this seems to be fine, have a look at the following routing rules.

We have developed an intelligent  Routing System, which chooses the Operators according to the following rules: 

  1. Basically, chats are only directed to chat Operators that are linked to the Operator Group which is, again, connected to the Chat Widget.
  2. The Operator with currently most free chat slots will receive the incoming chat.
  3. If all operators have the same free slot size, the chat will be forwarded to the Operator who didn’t have a chat for the longest time.
Please note

If a Webvisitor has already been on the website and starts a chat, he will be connected to the same Operator he had talked with  – Of course, only if he is online and has free slots.

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